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We proudly display Al's Garden Art products at our store but as you can see here, it is physically impossible to display all their merchandise. We encourage you to come visit our store so we can browse with you thru their dealer catalog and even show you some items and colors in person. We are confident we can help you select the best decorative water feature, birdbath, bench or statue to make your garden come to life!

Each item we order is finished by hand in a wide variety of designer colors. The products are made of natural materials and color appearance may vary by degree of texture, size, shape of area and lighting. The finishing process follows a basic antiquing principal. An antique is applied over a base color or natural concrete and hand rubbed. This creates a highlight that underscores the significant detail from the design. You can find all available colors by clicking the link at the top of this page.
  Pots and Planters

Color Bowl, Extra Large
Anelli Saucer, Extra Large
Anelli Pot, Extra Large
Anelli Pot, Medium
Color Bowl, Large
Anelli Pot, Small
Malibu Planter, Large
Malibu Planter, Medium
Tall Urn, Small
Tuscan Pot, Large
Moderno Vase Planter, Large
Enchanted Forest Planter
Mall Planter, Large
Plain Saucer, Large
Moderno Square Planter, Large
Tall Urn, Medium
Tuscan Pot, Medium
Garland Pot Pod
Mall Planter, Extra Large
Driftwood Planter
Classico Pot
Moderno Square Planter, Medium
Large Honey Jar
Plain Saucer, Extra Large
Moderno Vase Planter, Medium